SolaNova's primary advantage lies in its role as your all-in-one destination for achieving energy independence. Here, you can access a wide range of products for your home, including solar panels, geothermal systems, air-source heat pumps, ductless mini-splits, heat pump hot water heaters, and even electric car charging stations.


A photovoltaic system is a unique electrical solution that harnesses energy from the sun, a sustainable and limitless source. At SolaNova, we provide solar systems from various reputable brands with no upfront costs, offering you all the advantages endorsed by the New York State Program.


Solar batteries offer a flexible alternative, or a complementary approach, to supplying excess energy back to the grid. They not only provide a measure of protection against power outages but also empower you to potentially transition your residence or facility to an off-grid power source. and the EV chargers are the perfect solution to charge your Electric Car at home.


Geothermal heating and cooling systems represent a sustainable energy source, and SolaNova proudly offers some of the market's most efficient products. Whether your goal is to minimize your environmental impact or trim down your monthly utility expenses, SolaNova has the perfect solution tailored for your home.


A heat pump is a remarkable device that employs work to move heat from a cooler area to a warmer one, accomplishing this feat through a refrigeration process. It cools the cooler space while warming the warmer area. At SolaNova, we present the ultimate solution you've been seeking in the world of heat pumps.


Heat pump water heaters employ electricity to transfer heat rather than creating heat directly, resulting in energy efficiency that can be two to three times greater than conventional electric resistance water heaters. This process involves heat pumps functioning in a manner akin to the reverse operation of a refrigerator. At SolaNova, we seamlessly integrate heat pump water heaters into our holistic energy efficiency solutions, providing you with the complete package for optimal energy savings.


Ductless mini-split-system heat pumps, often referred to as "mini-splits," serve as excellent retrofits for homes equipped with non-ducted heating systems. Additionally, they provide an ideal solution for room expansions, where extending or installing ductwork isn't a viable option. Furthermore, mini-splits are a superb choice for exceptionally energy-efficient new homes that demand a compact space conditioning system. At SolaNova, we offer a range of mini-splits to complement and provide budget-friendly options for homeowners.